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Our AI assistant allows you to instantly create makeover designs of your place, based on your Interior Design style. Once your find your dream makeover, you can continue this work with our ARDI Architects to make them a reality.

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Design services for all budgets.

No matter how big or small your budget is, you can start to design your place with Studio ARDI. Our AI assistant will help you gather ideas for your renovation project, then once you are satistfied reach out to our ARDI Architects to make it a reality.

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AI Design Assistant

In your personal workspace, upload a photo of the space you want to renovate (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home office, etc.) then simply use the AI Design Assistant to design your space while matching your preferred design style.

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Detailed Design

After selecting your favorite designs generated by our AI assistant, ARDI Architects can turn the design ideas into a coherent project, thanks to their vast experience in Interior Design projects. This detailed design will be inspired by all the creativity you were able to extract from the AI assistant while developing them into standard architecture plans.

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Architect plans
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Execution Plans

The detailed design phase is done and you have plans in your hands. Now is the time to prepare the execution phase of your project with ARDI Architects. Execution plans are an essential tool for a succesful renovation project and ARDI Studio works with the highest standards on that matter, using reknown softwares such as Revit from Autodesk® to produce all execution plans.

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Our step by step process to design your space (home, restaurant, office, etc.)

Keep control of the whole design process with clear deliverables at each stage.

AI assistant looking at plans
Drawings of a living room
Architect plans

Generate ideas with our AI

Generate hundreds of design ideas for a low cost. Based on photos of your space, the AI design assistant suggests inspirational designs for renovating your interior. Mark your best option as favorite to later transform it into a real project.

Detailed Design

After selecting your favorite AI generated design ideas, ARDI Design Architects develop the drawings into a coherent detailed project, by employing their vast experience in Interior Design projects. This detailed design will be inspired by all the creativity you were able to extract from the AI assistant.

Execution plans

Once you are satisfied with the detailed designs, ARDI Design Architect can proceed with the execution plans, which will be used by workers to make your interior design peoject come to life.

Supervising work on site

ARDI Architects’ design team and partners are spread in the several worldwide countries. We provide designer’s supervision services to visit the interior site in order to check on progress and control the implementation of the design.

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ARDI Studio combines AI creativity with our architects expertise, to efficiently bring your projects to life.


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Our Design team is spread across
Paris, Dubai and Beirut

We work along with partners located in North-America and EMEA to provide you with tailor-made design services.

Happy to meet you in person if you are passing by our offices to discuss your large scale project.

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